The Conscious Mother comes back …
Published: 21.03.2014

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The Conscious Mother comes back …

In March 2014, another edition of the educational campaign A Conscious Mother intimately started. The campaign's partner is LaciBios femina - an oral gynaecological probiotic.
This initiative is addressed to pregnant women and women who have just become mothers, and its objective is women's education and the development of their awareness concerning various issues connected with health, sexuality, intimate health care, as well as hygiene during pregnancy and after childbirth.
ASA together with A Conscious Mother planned a series of 40 open educational workshops (in 20 Polish towns) with the participation of outstanding experts: a gynaecologist, sexologist, dietician, dermatologist, doula and a well known and popular actress – Paulina Holtz, who is going to conduct the workshops and share her own experiences with other participants.
There will be two meetings in each of the selected towns. One will be addressed to young mothers, the other - to pregnant women.
Mainly intimate topics, still considered to be taboo topics, will be discussed during the workshops. The participants will have a chance to talk to experts, get answers to various questions and integrate with other Mums during the meetings.
The first meeting was held on 6 March in Warsaw, the next one will be held on 20 March in Poznań. We kindly invite you to visit the Conscious Mother intimately workshops.
More information about the campaign can be found on .

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