PlusMag B6 – against magnesium deficiencies
Published: 25.03.2015

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PlusMag B6 – against magnesium deficiencies

PlusMag B6 is an innovative preparation developed for those who value effectiveness, top quality and comfort of use. It contains not only magnesium, but also an additional component - vitamin B6. Due to it, there is a 40% improvement in the magnesium absorption rate.

Research shows that more and more Poles suffer from magnesium deficiencies every year. Currently, it is almost 60% of grown up Poles, both women and men. And magnesium is necessary for the proper functioning of the entire body, and its deficiency may lead to serious diseases!

Magnesium - an element of life

The role of magnesium in the proper functioning of the most important systems and organs of the human body is difficult to overestimate. There are approximately 20-28 g of the element in everyone's body, and half of that amount is included in an undissolved form in our bones. About 1% of magnesium is in extratissular fluids, and 49% - inside the cells. Magnesium plays an important role in electrolyte transport across cell membranes, fosters proper cell regeneration processes, regulates the calcium metabolism and has a significant influence on the skeletal system, including the teeth. Magnesium also strengthens the immune system's defence reactions and has a beneficial influence on the blood-vascular system, simultaneously protecting the cardiac muscle from damage. An there is more. Magnesium is very important for the nervous system as well. It inhibits the adrenaline and noradrenaline release processes - these are the hormones responsible for the well known stress reactions in the body. It is a catalyst in glucose oxidation and is responsible for the optimal supply of glucose to all tissues and organs, including the brain, for which glucose is the fundamental "fuel".

Dangerous deficiency

It is usually the nervous system that reacts to magnesium deficiency first. We have problems with concentration and memorizing, we feel irritated and vehement, we suffer from chronic fatigue, painful sural cramps, and sometimes also from sleeplessness, paroxysmal irregular palpitations, episodes of depression, headaches and nausea. Magnesium deficiencies may also result in caries, even in people who take very good care of their teeth. Among the most serious consequences of magnesium deficiencies there is atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, and even cardiac infarction which may affect also people who have not had any cardiac problems before.

Why do we suffer from magnesium deficiency?

Unfortunately, in the modern world magnesium deficiencies are very common. To some extent, we are responsible for it, if we drink too much alcohol and coffee which leach magnesium from our body, or if we use laxatives and diuretics, contraceptives and antibiotics, as well as products rich in fatty acids and phosphates which considerably limit magnesium absorption. Some factors which are beyond our control also contribute to magnesium deficiency, e.g. a low content of magnesium in potable water or the use of fertilizers in plant cultivation, as well as chronic stress resulting not only from everyday problems, but also from the surrounding noise, polluted environment or simply - from an excess of various external stimuli.

How to rebalance magnesium levels

The daily magnesium demand of a healthy grown up person is approximately equal to 290-375 mg. In the event of the element's deficiency, apart from a proper diet, it is worth using a dietary supplement as well, which will promptly allow us to rebalance the level of magnesium. PlusMag B6 is a new product on the Polish market; its daily dosage provides us with a sufficient amount of magnesium. The formulation contains magnesium compounds whose optimal availability has been proved by numerous scientific studies (magnesium citrate, magnesium lactate, magnesium carbonate, and magnesium sulfate), and - which is very important - vitamin B6. This substance improves magnesium absorption from the digestive system by 40% and decreases its leaching from the body. 

PlusMag B6 are easy to swallow tablets which you have to remember to take twice a day only. The tablet is dissolved in the stomach, and magnesium ions are absorbed in the small intestine, similarly to magnesium from food products. 

PlusMag B6 is recommended in particular in periods of intense work and excessive stress. Also those who cannot imagine life without coffee, those who are on a slimming diet and those who intensely practice sports should reach for the preparation.

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