The future is health. That is why our company has focused on prevention, naturalness and comfort of treatment, promoting a healthy and modern form of prophylaxis.  
As the leading Polish manufacturer of dietary supplements and cosmeceutics, we have been contributing to the improvement of Poles' health and thus also to the increase of our lives' quality for almost 11 years. Our preparations are used as preventive as well as supportive measures in the organism's convalescence.

We consistently build our leading position in the market. In respect of sales value, we are among the first three pharmaceutical companies in the dietary supplements market and among the first fifty companies in the OTC market in Poland. Successively, every year our sales grow dynamically.Certainly, what hugely influences our success is a specified vision of our development, innovative activities in every field of functioning and people who make the future of our Company. People who are involved and committed, brave and confidently looking ahead, without any fear of meeting the challenge.

All of our preparations are produced on the basis of the latest scientific research, opinions of experts and outstanding specialists in various fields of science and medicine. They are made in cooperation with the leading scientific and research units, both in Poland and abroad.

That is why our Company is perceived as a modern, and reliable company of social nature, which is trusted both by the consumers and the co-workers. Our philosophy is based on a conviction that it is not treatment but prevention connected with natural nutrients supplementation that is fundamental in maintaining good health. That is why we develop our offer every year introducing new innovative preparations, which become a valuable element of our taking care of the health of many thousands of Poles.

We also invest in new projects and educational activities.
As a Company, we follow the corporate social responsibility mission, making an effort to meet the needs and expectations of the society and taking care of Poles' health. It is first of all pro-health education based on the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme implemented in our strategy.

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