Contract services

We would like to extend our invitation to cooperation in the field of the contract manufacturing of dietary supplements and cosmetics. Our extensive knowledge, vast experience and state-of-the-art technical facilities guarantee our customers the provision of services at the highest world-class level. You are welcome to learn more about us and our offer. 

Who are we?

ASA is a dynamically developing enterprise, present in the Polish market for 17 years. We are a manufacturer of dietary supplements and cosmetics meeting the strictest Polish and international standards. At present our offer comprises a dozen brands of dietary supplements and cosmetics. For many years our products have received numerous awards, and ASA enjoys the trust of consumers as well as the scientific and business communities.

Since the very beginning of its business activities, the company's motto has been innovativeness, continuous development, professionalism, reliability,
as well as respect for people and the natural environment.

Why is it a good idea to work with us?

Our most important advantages include the dynamic and highly qualified personnel – a team of specialists committed to their work, future-oriented, ready to face new professional challenges, and continually improving their skills through numerous training programmes and activities. We possess a state-of-the-art production plant which meets the highest sanitary standards and requirements. We have an extensive laboratory whose equipment is one of the best in the region. With respect to raw material supplies and technologies, we cooperate with first-rate companies from around the world, all the time looking for new contacts and opportunities. We have implemented and maintain a regularly certified quality management system, a food safety system and, as one of very few production enterprises in the region, an environmental management system.

All our preparations are developed on the basis of the latest scientific researches and opinions of experts and specialists representing various sciences. In their development, we cooperate with leading science and research institutes from both Poland and abroad. Furthermore, we invest in new projects and educational activities, performing a mission of a responsible enterprise.

What do we offer?

Responding to the market's growing expectations, we want to offer our customers comprehensive services in the field of the contract manufacturing of dietary supplements and cosmetics. We offer our assistance and support at every product creation stage – from the development of a product concept, through various consultations, to the registration of a product, its pre-serial and serial production as well as quality assurance.

At our customer’s request, we prepare the whole necessary documentation related to the manufacture of dietary supplements and cosmetics. Our offer includes such services as a product stability examination and a manual packing procedure adjusted to the customer's individual requirements. We also provide consultancy services related to the functioning of quality management systems. 

More details on our offer can be found in the particular tabs on our website.

Presenting this offer, we would like to emphasise that we are open to all your proposals and will do our best to fulfil all your expectations related to the contract manufacturing of dietary supplements and cosmetics.

We believe that our knowledge and experience will translate into the market success of your products and, consequently, the improved health and welfare of your customers.

We look forward to hearing from you, hoping that you will find this offer interesting.

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