Contract manufacturing

The contract manufacturing of dietary supplements and cosmetics is a solution worth considering for a number of reasons. This type of outsourcing allows you not only to save time and human resources. First of all, it gives certainty of access to professional teams of experts from various fields. Contract manufacturing means also access to the newest technologies, verified procedures, competent human resources, and state-of-the-art machines.

Why waste time on the solved problem?
The solution offered by ASA allows customers to launch
their own product
or Brand into the market simultaneously limiting
the investment risk to a minimum.

Therefore, if you plan to enter this market or broaden your product offer,

you need a flexible, reliable and verified manufacturer who:

  • has extensive experience in the manufacture of dietary supplements and cosmetics
  • conducts manufacturing operations in accordance with the GMP standards
  • participates actively in the development of your products, at all possible stages
  • possesses its own Quality Control Laboratory
  • has necessary legal, technological and marketing knowledge
  • makes decisions quickly and efficiently

ASA Sp. z o.o. meets the highest world-class standards applicable
to production operations and quality management.

We have implemented and maintain the following management systems which are subject to regular certification procedures: 

Our consistent compliance with the requirements of these systems ensures that preparations manufactured by ASA are safe, effective, and repeatable. 

Our services related to the contract manufacturing of dietary supplements and cosmetics comprise also both pre-serial and serial production of preparations up to any stage of the manufacturing process.

Our customers can choose from among various forms of dietary supplements – from hard and soft capsules to hard and soluble tablets. In the case of cosmetics, we offer creams, gels, liquids, emulsions, and ointments.

Each product batch is subject to meticulous inspection conducted in accordance with the Polish and international law. At the customer's request, we examine also product stability and conduct all other necessary procedures. 

We ensure the possibility of storing products in strictly controlled conditions. The most demanding customers may require manual packing of their products.

You may take advantage of our knowledge and possibilities - and choose:

  • any composition of your product – we will help you choose what works best,
  • a preferred appearance and form of your product: capsules, tablets, drops, gels, creams, emulsions, lotions, ointments, masks, peelings, etc.
  •  modern-looking packaging of your product – we will design and choose a suitable type of packaging
  • an effective communication strategy for your brand – we will help you in its development
  • an agreed size of the production batch
  • assistance in notification – dietary supplement documentation to be filed with the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate
  • cosmetics (CPNP)

Each order is fulfilled individually.

Our experienced team will help you to select the optimum parameters of the preparation – starting from its composition and form and ending with the graphic design of its packaging. We are convinced that the effective solutions which have been verified in the case of the brands owned by the company ASA will allow you to achieve success in the difficult market of dietary supplements and cosmetics in Poland.

Upon making all necessary arrangements with the Client, we may manufacture dietary supplements, cosmetics, foods for special medical purposes in any possible volume, form and at any production stage:

  • Pre-serial production
  • Serial production
  • Dietary supplements: hard capsules, elastic capsules, tablets, soluble tablets, drops, blisters
  • Cosmetics: creams, gels, emulsions, lotions, ointments, masks, peelings
  • Foods for special medical purposes: drops

We have already created many brands of popular dietary supplements and cosmetics in Poland – we can help you to do the same.

Because of the variety and wide range of our services, we prepare each offer individually and precisely to the customer's requests and expectations.

Our brands: