Preparation of notification documentation

The preparation of professional documentation and compliance with numerous procedures related to the registration of dietary supplements and cosmetics constitute probably the most difficult element of a new product launch. A slight oversight may have serious consequences for your brand; therefore, it is a good idea to rely on us in this respect as well.

Our specialists will prepare for you a complete product documentation required under the Polish and international law. We will acquire an approval for your product and will prepare all documents meeting the requirements of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate as well as notification documents for CPNP. Entrusting your brand to us, you can be positive that all loose ends will be tied up securely.

Notification for CPNP

The preparation or analysis and verification of the customer's cosmetic product documentation for the purpose of its registration in the database of the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal. For this purpose, we will prepare the following:

  • information on packaging
  • a safety report consistent with Annex 1 to Regulation 1223/2009
  • calculation of the Margin of Safety
  • the content of a label
  • a photograph of a finished product

Our offer related to the preparation and verification of documentation comprises also the following:

  • preliminary verification of documentation
  • preparation of the composition of a cosmetic product in accordance with INCI
  • cosmetic product safety assessment
  • cosmetic product label and packaging validation
  • cosmetic product notification in the CPNP system
  • cosmetic product marketing consultancy

A safety assessment of a cosmetic product includes an assessment of the consistency of its composition with the applicable legal regulations, a complete physical, chemical and toxicological profile of all ingredients of the final cosmetic product as well as an assessment of performed examinations and markings for the finished product and a validation of the label and external packaging of the cosmetic product with respect to the correctness of marking.

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