Excessive weight increases the risk of getting cancer. A guide of the social campaign "Cancer. It can be cured!"
Published: 21.07.2014

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Excessive weight increases the risk of getting cancer. A guide of the social campaign "Cancer. It can be cured!"

What we eat has a direct influence on the health of our body. There are many research results confirming the interrelation between our diet and the risk of getting cancer.  It is estimated that inadequate nutrition and harmful use of alcohol contribute to approximately 40% of malignant neoplasms.
Obese people are not only at risk of cardiovascular system diseases and diabetes, but cancer as well. As it turns out, after smoking, excessive body weight is the second major risk factor contributing to the development of specific neoplasms. This was officially confirmed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer in 2002.
The reason for that is the fact that the adipose tissue not only stores the surplus of energy, but also produces various types of substances, including, among other things, the hormone oestrogen, a high level of which increases the risk of getting breast cancer, uterus cancer and several other types of cancer. Moreover, there is more and more evidence that a high BMI may increase the probability of cancer recurrence, decrease the effectiveness of chemotherapy and cause the growth of cancer-related mortality.
The best method of preventing neoplastic diseases related to excessive body weight is a rational slimming programme, i.e. a combination of a healthy balanced diet and appropriate physical activity.
A healthy slimming diet should above all be diversified, based on the healthy eating pyramid the foundation of which is composed of wholemeal products, fruit, vegetables, lean meat, fat fish and dairy products. In order for the diet to bring long lasting effects, the meals should be prepared with the use of healthier thermal processing methods, such as a short time of cooking, baking or stewing, and one should eat 5 meals a day at regular intervals.
 - It is estimated that approximately 30-40% of neoplasms result from nutrition mistakes. One of the most important aspects of the role of nutrition in the prevention of diseases is eating proper amounts of colourful fruits and vegetables (at least 5 times a day), since they are a splendid source of antioxidant vitamins, polyphenols, and mineral elements which are highly efficient in combating the mutagenic effects of free radicals.  The diet should also be enriched with salt water fish and wholemeal products which due to their dietary fibre content "sweep out" the undigested food remnants and toxic substances which penetrate into the body from the food we eat. These products are especially recommended in the prevention of the digestive system neoplasms (the intestinal, rectal or colonic neoplasms), says Agnieszka Piskała, Senior Nutrition Specialist in Nestlé Polska, the partner of the "Cancer. It can be cured!" campaign.  -  As part of the neoplastic disease prevention it is worth introducing also certain herbs and spices in our daily menu, such as oregano, basil, thyme or curcuma, which not only help us to reduce the amount of salt in our diet, but which are rich in active substances that protect the body from the destructive effects of carcinogenic factors, adds Agnieszka Piskała.
As far as slimming is concerned, it is a very positive process in this case as well. It not only lowers the body weight, but also the level of cancer-stimulating hormones.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to keep a slim body for a longer period of time. Within one year most people come back to the starting point, and the "yo-yo" effect itself may also stimulate the development of the disease. Therefore, in such cases it is worth visiting a dietician who will offer professional advice on what and how much to eat. A specialist will certainly also recommend taking up some physical activity without which it will be difficult to lose weight. It is not a high price to pay for the reduction of the risk of getting cancer, though. Please visit us at www.rak.tosieleczy.pl.

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