We are ageing with style

On 22 October 2016 the Third Health Congress of the Seniors of Zawiercie Region was held in the events hall of the Municipal Culture Centre in Zawiercie.  ASA was pleased to be a partner of this event.

ASA is the partner of the fifth edition of BajkOLAndia

It is a rare thing to be able to see so many smiling children's faces at the same time. It is a unique energy boosting experience!

They ran and won

The winner is one who has a clearly defined goal and an overwhelming desire to achieve it. This was the motto of the relay race and pilgrimage from Kietrz to Rome that ended several days ago, in which runners from the Głubczyce District participated. ASA was pleased to be a partner and sponsor of this event.

ASA is a partner of the Kietrz - Rome Relay Race and Pilgrimage

2016 is a year of many anniversaries in Poland. First of all, it is the 1050th anniversary of Poland’s baptism, but also such national anniversaries as the 360th anniversary of the Lwów Oath made by King Jan Kazimierz and the 60th anniversary of the Oath of the Polish Nation made at Jasna Góra.

ASA is the Partner of the Polish Nationwide Olympics of the Universities of the Third Age and the Senior Citizens' Organizations in Łazy

For many years ASA has supported the Polish Nationwide Olympics of the Universities of the Third Age and the Senior Citizens' Organizations.

The annual Senior Citizens’ Olympics in Łazy is not just a sports competition.  It is also integration, singing, dancing and experiencing joyful moments together. It is also about taking care of a good health condition, which is a value forming a part of ASA’s pro-health policy. For us, health is the most important.

ASA is the partner of the Głubczyce Running for Health event

It is commonly known that exercising means health. Yet, almost half of the population of Poles, in particular middle aged people, are not physically active on a regular basis. We spend time at home, in front of our TV sets or computers. Several hours a day spent in a car or at a desk at work is not good for our health, either.

The problem of insufficient physical activity refers also to young people and even to children. If we add stress and an unbalanced diet leading to overweight and obesity to insufficient physical activity, we can be certain to have some health problems.

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