ASA supports local initiatives

For many years, ASA has supported local initiatives. Recently, at an invitation of the Polish Cultural Society, ASA has participated in the organization of a family picnic called "Survival race".

The objective of the event organized by the Głubczyce Branch was to integrate the young people, families and the local community, and to encourage them to spend their free time in an active way.

ASA is the partner of "Running on the beach" in Jarosławiec

The 25th edition of "Running on the beach" was held on 5 July in Jarosławiec.  The main objective of the organizers as well as partners of the event, one of which has also been ASA for the last three years, is the popularization of running as a simple form of recreation preventing cardiovascular system diseases, and propagation of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity in various communities and social groups.

LaciBios femina is the partner of a conference entitled "From the waist down"

Our company was invited by the "From the waist down" Association to join the promotional and educational activities related to Polish women's intimate health, and with its LaciBios femina product range, on 20-21 June it attended the Warsaw conference entitled "Women's intimate health".

ASA is the partner of BajkOLAndia, or Stars in the Children's Health Institute.

The 4th edition of the BajkOLAndia charity event, originated and organized by Aleksandra Mikołajczyk, an actress known from the TV series "Na Wspólnej" [Wspólna Street], attracted many people to the Children's Health Institute. Among the guests there were Marta Kielczyk, Agnieszka Wielgosz, Jadwiga Gryń, Władysław Grzywna, children, pupils from the Argonaut International School, patients from the Children's Health Institute and their parents.

ASA is the partner of the Second Congress of Women in Małopolska

1200 participants as well as 20 non-governmental organizations from Małopolska and several partner firms took part in the Second Congress of Women in Małopolska held on 7 March 2015 in the ICE Congress Centre Kraków. ASA, who has supported cultural and educational projects addressed to women for many years, also participated in the Congress.

Novocardia and Sterolea were the partners of the World Heart Day in Zakopane

The World Heart Day is traditionally celebrated on the last Sunday of September in over 120 countries. Its main objective is the popularization of basic knowledge of heart diseases and the possibilities of their treatment and prevention.

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