In April and May 2014 further training courses were organized within the project co-financed by the European Social Fund, entitled: "Academy of ACES. A comprehensive qualification development programme for the employees of ASA Sp. z o. o. Głubczyce" under Action 8.1.1 of the Human Capital Operational Programme.
This time, the participants could discover the secrets of the Excel computer programme and improve their driving skills.

Novocardia says thank you to voluntary blood donors in Gdańsk and Rumia

On 15-16 March 2014 Katarzyna Sawicka from ASA participated in a campaign organized by the Regional Blood Donation and Haemotherapy Centre in Gdańsk and the DKMS Polska Foundation, the KrewAktywni Association and Już Pomagam Foundation.
During this campaign anyone could voluntarily donate blood and register as a potential bone marrow donor. The campaign's motto was: Here and now you can start saving someone's life …

The Conscious Mother comes back …

In March 2014, another edition of the educational campaign A Conscious Mother intimately started. The campaign's partner is LaciBios femina - an oral gynaecological probiotic.
This initiative is addressed to pregnant women and women who have just become mothers, and its objective is women's education and the development of their awareness concerning various issues connected with health, sexuality, intimate health care, as well as hygiene during pregnancy and after childbirth.

ASA in Club 150

Club 150 is an initiative uniting the most important business companies of the Opole Region and aiming at their development, creating new jobs and increasing the number of local sub-suppliers.
Club 150 operates at the Opole Centre for Economy Development, to which ASA also belongs. It unites the most innovative and best developing business companies which are of crucial importance for the economy in the Opolskie Province.

ASA in the external stakeholders' council at the Opole University of Technology

Following a long lasting cooperation between ASA and the Opole University of Technology and the Institute of Physiotherapy (e.g. in the scope of the project entitled "Have Your Joints Tested"), the University authorities asked our Company representative to join the external stakeholders’ council at the Faculty of Physiotherapy.
The Council's role is the expression of opinions concerning the expectations related to the graduates, the effects and programme of education.

dr Dawid  Bączkowicz

Scholars from the Opole University of Technology examined the Opole inhabitants' joints. The examination was carried out within the programme implemented in cooperation with ASA. In the project, a team under the leadership of Dr Dawid Bączkowicz from the Institute of Physiotherapy at the Opole University of Technology has examined the Opole inhabitants' joints for several months. In the study in which almost 600 people have participated so far, an innovative vibro-acoustic method developed at the Opole University of Technology has been used.

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