Artresan Active is the partner of the Fifth Częstochowa Race

It has become a tradition for our Company to participate in the annual Częstochowa Race organized by the Association of the Active People's Club ZABIEGANI in Częstochowa. This year's edition was the fifth jubilee edition under the patronage of Artresan Active.

6. Artresan Active Ślęża Half-Marathon

On Saturday, 23 March in Sobótka the Sixth Artresan Active Ślęża Half-Marathon was held. It was the 6th edition of the half-marathon considered by many runners to be one of the most important and most difficult races in Lower Silesia. In comparison to the previous year, the weather conditions were completely different. As the Race Manager, Wiesław Drozdowski said: this time instead of a "may outing" and spring time we were surrounded by severe winter conditions.

The Women's Day with LaciBios femina

The Women's Day is a unique day celebrated on 8 March as a symbol of respect for all women. On this occasion, the Conscious Mother portal together with its partner, LaciBios femina, decided to organize an additional meeting in Warsaw.

Światowy Dzień Serca w Krakowie

On 30 September 2012, as part of the 13th World Heart Day organized by the Polish Cardiac Society in Kraków, numerous attractions, including free of charge cardiovascular examinations enjoying enormous popularity, awaited the inhabitants and visitors. Thousands of inhabitants of Kraków came to the Market Place in order to have their blood pressure and glucose and cholesterol level checked and to consult the test results with specialists.

Stoisko ASA odwiedzały Panie z całej Polski

Activeness, entrepreneurship, independence. This was the motto of the Fourth Congress of Women held on 14 and 15 September 2012 in Warsaw.
The Congress of Women is a social movement gathering socially and politically active women in Poland. It was established in June 2009, on the 20th anniversary of the Polish political and economic transformation.
This year, the Congress dedicated to broadly understood entrepreneurship brought together about 9.5 thousand participants in the Palace of Culture and Science.

800 osób  wyruszyło z kijkami nordic walking na spacer szlakiem malowniczych zabytków Torunia

On Saturday, 22 September 2012 at 12.00 noon, following a short yet extremely spectacular warm-up, more than 800 people set off with their Nordic walking poles on a trail of picturesque historic monuments of Toruń.

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