Artresan Active supports runners during the competitions before the Warsaw Marathon Cup

The Warsaw Marathon Cup is a well known and popular recreational sports event in Poland.
The competition for the Cup lasts from April to September, when the culminating event will take place, i.e. the Warsaw Marathon itself. The main objective of the competition between Polish and foreign participants of the cycle of semi-marathons and races is the preparation for the final September event - the 34th Warsaw Marathon.

W ramach festiwalu łodzianki uczestniczyły w licznych panelach dyskusyjnych i warsztatach z udziałem polskich kobiet sukcesu

A festival “Now THEM. Women for culture, culture for women”, which was held in Łódź on June 22-24 is behind us.

Almost 3000 female residents of Łódź attended inspiring panels and workshops on different aspects of femininity. One of the main topics was the intimate health, which was discussed by the festival’s leader Agata Młynarska with specialists invited by our company: Marta Monist, MD and Aleksandra Robacha, MD.

dr  Jacek Tomaszewski - wykład pt. Wszystko co powinnaś wiedzieć o zdrowiu intymnym

The Women of Success Week held in Warsaw from 5 to 9 March 2012 is a cyclical project organized by the Polish Students' Association, the oldest student organization in Poland, existing at the Warsaw School of Economics since 2006.

"The Pearl of Wisdom" for LaciBios femina

The final of the nationwide campaign entitled "Beautiful because healthy" organized as part of the activities against cervical cancer conducted by the Flower of Womanhood Association was held on 30 January 2012.

LaciBios femina supports the Polish national social campaign entitled  "Beautiful because healthy"

Poland's participation in the European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week.

Stars support healthy maternity and LaciBios femina

As part of the Polish national series of meetings dedicated to pregnant women's health entitled "A healthy baby in a healthy body", on 15 December 2011 we held a meeting with mothers and mothers-to-be in Poznań.
Our special guest and also the host of the meeting was a very energetic mother, as well as a well known and popular actress – Katarzyna Bujakiewicz.        

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