NOVOCARDIA distinguished by pharmacists in the category of “heart-strengthening preparations”

Apteka Media Sp. is a Wrocław-based company specializing in health-related publications. One of them is “Świat Farmacji” [Pharmacy World], a magazine addressed to pharmacists and the medical personnel. Due to professionally written articles and a wide scope of topics, it has enjoyed considerable interest and recognition in the pharmacists’ environment for many years.

An integral part of the “Pharmacy World” is a handbook of the most frequently recommended OTC products, dietary supplements, medicinal products and cosmetics.

ASA has been awarded the Responsible Entrepreneur Certificate

ASA has been actively supporting activities aiming at the protection of the natural environment. We have applied the highest environmental care standards for many years - in particular, by processes and procedures improvement and modernization of machines and the infrastructure. We have implemented a quality assurance and environment protection system.

The chief direction of environmental care is the reduction of air pollutants emission, minimization of waste production, endeavours to protect the natural resources and the establishment of safe workplaces.

The GOOD BRAND 2016 title for Immunosan in the category of immunity-boosting preparations

We are pleased to announce that the organizers of the GOOD BRAND Programme  (the editors of “Biznes Trendy” in the “Rzeczpospolita” daily and the editors of “Forum Biznesu” in the “Gazeta Prawna” daily) awarded our brand IMMUNOSAN with the title of GOOD BRAND 2016 – Quality, Trust, Renown in the category of immunity-boosting preparations.

According to the organizers, this title is awarded to the most innovative, best developing and popular brands present in the Polish market.

A golden award - CONSUMER LEADER OF QUALITY 2015 for Sterolea

We are glad to inform you that Sterolea was awarded the first prize in the CONSUMER LEADER OF QUALITY 2015 programme in the category of "Products lowering the cholesterol level". 

LaciBios femina is awarded the title of GOOD BRAND 2015 – Quality, Trust, Renown

The GOOD BRAND title is awarded to the best developing and popular brands present in the Polish market. As part of the programme, for the sixth time, the editors of Forum Biznesu and Biznes Trendy have carried out a survey aiming at the specification of the value, activity and recognizability of particular brands.

The analyses based on widely available sources focused chiefly on the market position of particular brands and their progress, the quality of a particular product or service, and the consumers' and customers' level of trust.

Menoplant Soy-a 40+ is a product of the year 2015 in the category of "preparations for the menopause"

Menoplant Soy-a 40+ has been chosen by pharmacists the best Product of the Year in the category "Preparations for the menopause", for the third time in a row.

The first place in a poll organized by the Pharmacy Publishing House and the title of the Product of the Year 2015 confirm that Menoplant Soy-a 40+ is a well-known and highly valued product, and not only by mature women who want to improve the comfort of their life, but also by pharmacists.

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