ASA takes care of the environment in an exemplary manner
Published: 09.12.2013

Category: Awards and prizes

ASA takes care of the environment in an exemplary manner

In November 2013 ASA successfully underwent an environmental audit concerning the packaging materials marketed in the territory of the Republic of Poland and an inspection of the packaging material register with respect to its compliance with the new Packaging and Packaging Waste Management Act of 13 June 2013 (Journal of Laws of 2013, item 888).
The audit was conducted by the REKOPOL Recovery Organization with which ASA had been cooperating for many years in the field of recovery and recycling of packaging waste as well as in educational and information campaigns developing awareness, changing our employees' habits and customs.
In our Company we segregate waste in order to meet the legal requirements and we popularize knowledge in this respect so as not to create any risks for human health and for the environment. We deliver the collected waste to specialist companies in order to have it recycled or to recover substances, materials or energy from it.
Rekopol Recovery Organization S.A. is the largest and one of the oldest recovery organizations in the Polish market. Due to its cooperation with this organization ASA places on the packages of its products the "Green Dot", i.e. one of the most recognizable trademarks used by entrepreneurs. The "Green Dot" trademark placed on a product package means that the manufacturer made a financial contribution in the development and functioning of the packaging waste recovery and recycling system developed by Rekopol.

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