Menoplant Soy-a is the Product of the Year 2014
Published: 21.03.2014

Category: Awards and prizes

Menoplant Soy-a is the Product of the Year 2014

We have the pleasure to inform you that Menoplant Soy-a 40+, for the second time in a row, was awarded the first prize in the category of "menopause preparations" in a poll organized by the Pharmacy Publishing House and was awarded the title of the Product of the Year 2014.
This title is awarded on the basis of the results of a questionnaire carried out among pharmacists who choose the best preparations in a particular therapeutic category. The "Product of the Year" competition's objective is to distinguish products especially recommended to patients by pharmacists working in pharmacies on a daily basis. 
The results of the 11th edition of the competition prove that our Menoplant Soy-a 40+, containing natural soy isoflavones which are very similar to female hormones - oestrogens, is in pharmacists' opinion a preparation worth recommending to mature women who cope with various problems concomitant with the menopause.
Pharmacists very often recommend it to women who want to achieve internal harmony and adjust to the changes taking place in their body and mind at that time.
The "Pharmacy" Publishing House,  an independent Wrocław company addressing its publications concerning health issues to a wide group of readers, including both patients and pharmacists, is going to publish a handbook for pharmacists of the most frequently recommended OTC products, entitled "Products of the Year".

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