Published: 27.05.2014

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Novocardia reminds you of the World Hypertension Day

Tomorrow, i.e. on 17 May, we will celebrate the World Hypertension Day. We remind you of that and we encourage you to check your blood pressure regularly. Let us think about ourselves and our hearts on that day, but also about our relatives.
The heart is the basis
It is due to its health and strength that you may enjoy precious moments with your relatives, family, children and perhaps even grandchildren. You work, develop your interests, travel, meet new people, and cherish old friendships.
Whatever you do, whether you are alone or among your relatives, whether you cultivate your garden, play with your grandchildren, go cycling or go for a walk with your dog - your heart works constantly. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle and hypertension prevention are so very important for your heart.
Apart from a proper diet, healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity, the best form of the cardiac-vascular system disease prevention is regular blood pressure measurement.
Unfortunately, according to the results of the report entitled: "Hypertension prevention and a healthy lifestyle for the heart among Poles", as many as 41% of the survey participants do not remember when they last measured their blood pressure, and every 10th respondent never measured or had his/her blood pressure measured.
Novocardia, also known as a friend close to our heart, has been drawing your attention to the need of the cardiac-vascular system disease prevention for many years.
Do not forget
Take care of your heart every day. With Novocardia you can do it simply, comfortably and above all, effectively. You do know that it is not only you who needs your healthy and strong heart, but your relatives as well.
[1] PBS report: "Hypertension prevention and a healthy lifestyle for the heart among Poles", January 2014.

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