We are changing for you
Published: 21.03.2014

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We are changing for you

We are glad to inform you - our Customers - that as of the beginning of the New Year our preparations are available in a new altered packaging.
For a long time, our preparations have been evaluated highly by our Customers as well as by pharmacists. They are valued for their effectiveness, innovativeness, safety of use and top quality.
Yet, the pharmaceutical market is a very dynamic and modern business. It undergoes constant changes. The packaging design should also follow these changes. Special emphasis is placed on the ecological aspect of the used packaging and the clarity of information included therein.
We decided to revitalize the packaging of our preparations last year. The chief objective of the changes introduced in the packaging was a considerable increase of the clarity of information, so that it would clearly communicate the unique properties of a particular preparation to our Customers. The aspects of modernity and elegance of the packaging were also important for us.
More and more preparations and their packaging become successively the subjects of design and implementation works. We take into consideration our Customers' requests, remarks and needs.
You can already find the following preparations in their new packaging in the pharmacies: the oral gynaecological probiotic LaciBios femina, the preparation helping you to take care of a healthy and strong heart – Novocardia, the preparation improving the comfort and quality of mature women's life – Menoplant Soy-a 40+, and the preparation strengthening the bones – Osteovit 1000.
Designing the new packagings we have made every effort to maintain coherence and highlight the Company's logo, and simultaneously stress the individual character of each preparation. The new design underlines the product's professional application and makes it unique, thus also increasing your trust to our Company.
Soon we can expect more new packagings on the market – MaxiVision Total, Hepason Complex, Diabetamid and Vitaton.
We hope that offering you - our Customers - our preparations in a modern and exceptional packaging we will stand out on pharmacy shelves even more, and consequently new consumers will join the group of our loyal and satisfied Customers.

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