LaciBios femina Comforta
Published: 11.12.2013

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LaciBios femina Comforta

Making an effort to meet the expectations of women looking for good natural intimate care products, we have extended our range of products with LaciBios femina Comforta intimate care wipes.
LaciBios femina Comforta soothing wipes are intimate care wipes rich in natural ingredients intended for everyday use.  They contain a wide range of ingredients which are beneficial for the skin of the intimate parts, such as lactic acid and chlorhexidine. Lactic acid is responsible for the formation of acidic environment (pH 3.5), thus effectively preventing uncontrolled development of harmful microorganisms. Chlorhexidine acts as a bactericide and bacteriostat. It is non-irritating and does not desiccate the skin.
The ingredients included in the wipes - such as marigold extract and d-panthenol - help to thoroughly clean, intensely moisturize and effectively regenerate the delicate skin of the intimate parts.
The wipes are made of viscose - a 100% biodegradable fibre, which is why they can be safely disposed of in a toilet, which is both convenient and hygienic.
LaciBios femina Comforta intimate care wipes are excellent during journeys and in situations when we have no access to a bathroom. They are a perfect complementation to daily hygienic procedures. They are convenient to use, they refresh and alleviate irritations.

What distinguishes LaciBios femina Comforta intimate care wipes?
LaciBios femina Comforta wipes are:

  • natural - based on natural ingredients - free from allergens, parabens, artificial dyes and soap,
  • soothing – they effectively and delicately alleviate irritations, giving you a sense of comfort and freshness,
  • hypoallergenic - they do not cause allergies or irritation,
  • safe to use - they have been gynaecologically tested and may be used by pregnant women, as well as in the postnatal and breastfeeding period - they have the ideal pH (pH 3.5) for the intimate parts,
  • dermatologically tested.

A package contains 12 pieces. According to women's opinions, that is an optimal amount which will easily fit in any handbag or toilet bag (
To effectively take care of your intimate health, we recommend regular use of the wipes along with LaciBios femina Protecta (or LaciBios femina Pregna) intimate care cleansing gel, LaciBios femina gel for the daily care of the intimate parts and an oral gynaecological probiotic LaciBios femina.
Ask your pharmacist today for LaciBios femina Comforta wipes and the remaining products in the LaciBios femina line.

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