Menoplant intimia
Published: 12.11.2014

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Menoplant intimia - a cream-gel for mature women

Menoplant intimia is an innovative cream-gel for mature women intended for daily care of the intimate parts skin.
The popular view is that the menopause is a stage in a woman's life which does not make her daily functioning very difficult. It is most frequently associated with the end of menstruation and some minor ailments. Is it true then that a woman simply has to wait for a couple of months and the body will be in shape again?
Definitely not. Polish women admit more and more frequently that the menopause is one of the most difficult periods in their life, and a thorough study of specialist publications or a consultation with specialists lead to the conclusion that the problem is very complex.
The body of a woman during the menopause seems to be getting out of control. The well-known problems involve insomnia, fatigue, problems with concentration and memorizing, headaches and mood changes. Among the most unpleasant symptoms of the menopause making women's life difficult there are also hot flushes and so-called drenching sweats – according to the latest statistics, this problem affects as many as 75% of mature women. The deterioration of skin firmness which evidently influences the women's appearance and well-being is of importance as well.
We do not speak openly about all ailments related to the menopause. Women are unwilling to share their feelings connected with the intimate aspects, e.g. vaginal atrophy. Yet, this problem involving burning, itching and dryness of the vagina is extremely common (over 50% of women in the menopausal period suffer from it) and it is a serious obstacle in everyday life.
Being aware of mature women's problems during the menopause and realizing that their intimate parts require special care, we have decided to help them. We have developed an innovative specialist intimate care cream-gel based on a unique combination of exceptional soothing components.
Biolin (prebiotic), lactic acid, glycerine and macadamia oil moisturise the delicate skin of the intimate parts, and the itching and burning abate.
Menoplant intimia effectively alleviates irritation, moisturises and removes the feeling of dryness,
and by eliminating unpleasant odours, it gives you a sense of freshness and cleanness. It strengthens the natural protective system of the mucosa and fastens the healing process in case of micro-injuries.
Its pH (4.0) is appropriate for the intimate parts skin and it is free from parabens. Its innovative formula combines the lightness of a gel with the effectiveness of a cream, which makes it comfortable in use and improves your well-being. It does not stain the underwear, it does not give the sense of stickiness. It is characterized by efficiency in use.
Menoplant intimia – its ideally composed ingredients allow every mature woman to enjoy her femininity again and to forget any discomfort.

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