Menoplant intimia

Menoplant intimia is an innovative cream-gel for mature women intended for daily care of the intimate parts skin.
The popular view is that the menopause is a stage in a woman's life which does not make her daily functioning very difficult. It is most frequently associated with the end of menstruation and some minor ailments. Is it true then that a woman simply has to wait for a couple of months and the body will be in shape again?

ASA presents innovative immunity boosters

Why do some people never fall ill, whereas others catch a cold ten times a year? It all depends on how effectively our immunity system functions. And on how difficult we make this task for it.
For some time, the dominant view among scientists has been that the causes of diseases are not germs, bacteria and viruses ever-present in the environment, but … a decrease of immunity and disorders of the human immune system.

Novocardia and Sterolea were the partners of the World Heart Day in Zakopane

The World Heart Day is traditionally celebrated on the last Sunday of September in over 120 countries. Its main objective is the popularization of basic knowledge of heart diseases and the possibilities of their treatment and prevention.

A healthy vacation with LaciBios femina

The vacation season is a good occasion to relax after working hard in the remaining part of the year. We usually plan our trips earlier, we book our holidays, complete our clothing and purchase various cosmetics to protect our body. Unfortunately, we tend to forget that taking care of our health is not limited to taking care of our skin, eyes or hair. Even the best creams, lotions and cleansing milks will not protect us from the urogenital system problems, which is particularly at risk of infections during summer trips.

Sopot - Sunday for Health with ASA

Last Sunday, 15 June 2014, the Provincial Rheumatology Team and the"Tri-City Profile" Civilization Disease Prevention Foundation organized a Sunday for Health. It was held under the patronage of the President of the City of Sopot and the City Council. Our Company also participated in the event; we invited the inhabitants to take advantage of free-of-charge blood pressure and glucose and cholesterol level tests.

ASA supports and promotes a healthy lifestyle also among ... soldiers

The "FIVE MILES" RACE FOR THE COMBAT SHIP COMMANDER'S CUP held on 30 May 2014 in Gdynia is an example of promoting a healthy lifestyle in a completely unique place! The main objective of the race was the popularization and promotion of running as the simplest form of physical and pro-health activity among professional soldiers.

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