The organizations to which we belong

The organizations to which we belong

We constantly strive for perfection and continuous improvement of the functioning of the whole company.
We are glad that our work has been appreciated by organisations which have accepted ASA as their members.
Belonging to them,we also gain valuable contacts and support.

Business Centre Club

Established in 1991, the Business Centre Club (BCC) is a prestigious entrepreneurs’ club and the largest organization of individual employers in Poland.
ASA has been a member of this prestigious organization for thirteen years.
BCC members are representatives of all business sectors, international corporations, financial institutions, insurance institutions, telecommunication companies, the largest Polish manufacturers, higher education institutions, publishing concerns, and renown law offices. The Business Centre Club helps its members in conducting business and social activities, confirming their credibility and observance of the principles of fair play. BCC members are also obliged to offer mutual assistance and cooperation, which makes them an exemplary social model worth following.

Izba Gospodarcza “Śląsk” [The "Silesia” Chamber of Commerce]

The “Silesia” Chamber of Commerce is a self-regulatory business organization associating entrepreneurs from Upper and Lower Silesia. The Chamber supports and co-participates in activities aiming at the development of entrepreneurship and all business initiatives in Silesia. It is open to all business entities and entrepreneurship-supporting organizations. Its members are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises.
Currently, the “Silesia” Chamber of Commerce has over 200 members, not only from Silesia, but also from other regions of Poland. Any business entity which contributes to the achievement of the Chamber’s objectives and guarantees their implementation can become a member of the Chamber of Commerce.
Membership in the “Silesia” Chamber of Commerce gives ASA an opportunity to take advantage of a vast range of development services, such as organizational consulting, pro-innovation services (assistance and support in technology and innovation implementation), specialist training, etc.

Rekopol Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań S.A. [Packaging Recovery Organization Rekopol S.A.]

Taking over the obligation to recover and recycle monomaterial waste. Educational campaigns.


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Placing the trademark on packaging. 

The trademark placed on packaging means that the manufacturer has financially supported the construction and operation of a packaging waste recovery and recycling system developed by the company Rekopol Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań S.A. in Poland.

Dobrowolne Porozumienie REKARTON [REKARTON Voluntary Agreement]

Accession to the REKARTON Agreement, by entering into a contract with the Polish Chamber of Food Industry and Packaging (KIGPSiO).

The Polish Chamber of Food Industry and Packaging entered into  an agreement with the Marshal of the Mazowieckie Province concerning the establishment and maintenance of a system of collection, transport, recovery, including recycling or neutralization, of waste resulting from multi-material packaging. ASA entered into a contract with KIGPSiO by accessing the agreement.