Research and development

The Polish market of dietary supplements and cosmetics has been developing very quickly. It is a very demanding market at present. Success in this market cannot happen by chance. It is the effect of meticulous research, responsible decisions and detailed plans supported by the profound knowledge and authority of our experts representing various fields of science. Research and development activities constitute the most important element in the process of creating a new and valuable product whose sales will translate into your financial result, but first of all into better health and comfort of Poles.

Take advantage of our experience.
We know how to achieve success and are ready to share
this knowledge with you.

We will help you to create a product bound to succeed, developing its concept in the smallest details. On the basis of our 20 years’ experience, we will propose you completely new product recipes or will modify the existing ones to ensure that they are a perfect response to the market's demand.

Knowing how important the product's attractive appearance is nowadays, we will help you to choose, design and produce packaging of the best quality meeting your customers’ requirements.

Fulfilling your needs, we will suggest the best raw materials, a modern graphic design, and a proper type of packaging. We also provide logistic support at all stages of work.

Developing a product concept / a product line:

  • developing recipes for new products or modifying recipes for the existing products
  • in accordance with the applicable legal requirements
  • consultancy in packaging selection
  • designing commercial packaging of products
  • scientific consultancy

The company ASA manufactures cosmetics in accordance with the PN-EN ISO 22716:2009 standard “Cosmetics – Good Manufacturing Practices – Guidebook” approved in 2009 and effective as of 11 July 2013.

This standard determines guidelines for the manufacture, inspection and storage of cosmetic products and focuses in particular on raw materials, packaging materials, and finished goods.

Quality control is an important element of the Good Manufacturing Practices. We can assure required product quality thanks to our highly qualified employees, necessary premises and equipment, state-of-the-art laboratory as well as approved procedures and instructions applicable to:

  • sampling
  • control of input/output substances, packaging materials, intermediate products, and finished goods
  • the examination of the quality of the work environment

 A manufacturing process consistent with this standard ensures the achievement of required work results and the manufacture of stable and repeatable products, which reduces a potential quantity of customers’ complaints and consequently strengthens the image of a reliable and trustworthy company.

Because of the variety and wide range of our services, we prepare each offer individually and precisely to the customer's requests and expectations.

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