Quality in manufacturing

Control of the production environment

  • Permanent control of the production area to maintain the required temperature and humidity.
  • A modern monitoring and alarm system operating 24 hours a day and 7 days a week enables continuous supervision and immediate correction of operating conditions.

Production premises

  • Production premises designed and equipped in such a way as to meet the requirements of the strictest hygienic regime
  • Production premises classified according to the GMP requirements
  • Regular microbiological monitoring of the production zones


  • A chemical laboratory for analyses of raw materials, intermediate and finished products
  • A microbiological testing laboratory
  • An R&D / prototyping laboratory

Quality-oriented processes and equipment

  • Implemented and regularly certified quality management systems 
  • Modern equipment for mixing, encapsulating and blistering, bottling and sacheting operations
  • A linear arrangement of the facility’s equipment eliminates unnecessary activities and losses, from the receipt of raw materials to the storage of finished products.

Storage conditions for products in the storage room

  • A specialist cold store for storing probiotic raw materials and finished products
  • All finished products are stored in the storage room under controlled environmental conditions 
  • Environmental control of the entire storage room